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Effect of application of fibrin glue on vocal fold healing after surgical manipulation in rabbits
Fernanda da Silva Santos, Felipe Hideo Ikeda, Mirna Barros Duarte, André de Campos Duprat

  • Evaluation of prophylactic effect of sealants in laryngeal surgeries that require extensive detachment of the vocal fold cover Prophylactic effect of sealants in laryngeal surgeries.

  • Incision over the entire length of the vocal fold, followed by anterior and posterior sectioning of the mucosa, creating a pedicled flap. Extensive detachment of the vocal fold cover creating a pedicled flap.

  • Fibrin glue induced greater fibrogenesis in the vocal fold in a later stage of the healing process. Fibrin glue induced greater fibrogenesis in the vocal fold.

Open access
Available online 16 May 2021
Role of transpalatal advancement pharyngoplasty in management of lateral pharyngeal wall collapse in OSA
Ahmed Elsobki, Waleed Moneir, Mohamed Abdelbadie Salem, Mohamed Elkahwagi

  • Transpalatal advancement pharyngoplasty is the procedure of choice for management of vertical palate phenotype.

  • The study highlights a new role for transpalatal advancement pharyngoplasty in strengthening of lateral pharyngeal walls.

  • Non- responders to primary palatal surgery for obstructive sleep apnea showed 75% success after transpalatal advancement pharyngoplasty.

  • Multilevel collapse at the palate and hypopharyngeal lateral wall is a good indication for transpalatal advancement pharyngoplasty.

Open access
Available online 14 May 2021
Monitoring of cases of anosmia and COVID-19
Pathum Sookaromdee, Viroj Wiwanitkit
Open access
Available online 13 May 2021
Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the pediatric sleep questionnaire (PSQ*) into Brazilian Portuguese
Carlos Alexandre Necchi Martins, Mayara Moreira de Deus, Isabela Conti Abile, Denny Marcos Garcia, Wilma Terezinha Anselmo-Lima, Carolina Sponchiado Miura, Fabiana Cardoso Pereira Valera

  • The pediatric sleep questionnaire (PSQ) is a good screening test for OSA, in the countries where it has been validated.

  • The cross-cultural adaptation of the PSQ into Brazilian Portuguese showed high internal consistency and high accuracy.

  • The value of 9.0 was considered ideal to differentiate between patients with OSA and control.

  • In places with difficult access to polysomnography, the PSQ can be a useful tool to evaluate children with OSA.

Open access
Available online 8 May 2021
A rare foreign body migration: from head to neck
Vedat Delibas, Muhammet Rasit Muharremoglu, Kemal Koray Bal, Sedat Alagoz
Open access
Available online 6 May 2021
Pathophysiological relationship between COVID-19 and olfactory dysfunction: A systematic review
Mateus Henrique de Las Casas Lima, Ana Luiza Brusiquesi Cavalcante, Sydney Correia Leão
Open access
Available online 6 May 2021
Alkaptonuria with asymmetric otologic involvement: a case report
Ebru Ozer Ozturk, Mehmet Aslan, Mucahit Marsak, Suat Sezer
Open access
Available online 4 May 2021
Kimura's disease with bilateral parotid involvement: a common presentation with an uncommon diagnosis
Hui Yan Ong, Mimi Ezreena Esa, Jia Ji Ng, Shahawiah Abdul Wahab, Santhi Kalimuthu
Open access
Available online 3 May 2021
Protocols and assessment procedures in fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing: an updated systematic review
Aline Prikladnicki, Márcia Grassi Santana, Maria Cristina Cardoso

  • Assessments of neurological populations do not demonstrate standardization in swallowing videoendoscopy.

  • Need for standardization of VED protocols for patient diagnosis and management.

  • None of the studies used the same protocol.

  • The quality of the studies varied widely mainly in their methodologies and protocols.

Open access
Available online 22 April 2021
The role of the rhinostomy ostium size on functional success in dacryocystorhinostomy
Mümtaz Taner Torun, Ebru Yılmaz
Open access
Available online 20 April 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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