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Critical review of clinical practice guidelines for evaluation of neck mass in adults
Kevin Chorath, Aman Prasad, Neil Luu, Beatrice Go, Alvaro Moreira, Karthik Rajasekaran
Open access
Available online 19 April 2021
A case of cavernous hemangioma of the infratemporal fossa causing recurrent secretory otitis media
Edoardo Covelli, Valerio Margani, Guido Trasimeni, Chiara Filippi, Giorgio Bandiera, Simonetta Monini, Maurizio Barbara
Open access
Available online 17 April 2021
Early postoperative serum albumin levels as predictors of surgical outcomes in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Tercio Guimarães Reis, Richard Alex Wesler Prudêncio da Silva, Eliane dos Santos Nascimento, José de Bessa, Márcio Campos Oliveira, Antônio Sérgio Fava, Carlos Neutzling Lehn

  • First-postoperative day (POD) serum albumin is a predictor of complications in head and neck surgery.

  • First-POD albumin <2.8 g/dl increases the risk of postoperative complications.

  • Non-complicated patients normalize serum albumin more often and five times more rapidly.

Open access
Available online 17 April 2021
Guideline for the use of immunobiologicals in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps (CRSwNP) in Brazil
Wilma T. Anselmo-Lima, Edwin Tamashiro, Fabrizio R. Romano, Marcel M. Miyake, Renato Roithmann, Eduardo M. Kosugi, Márcio Nakanishi, Marco A. Fornazieri, Thiago F.P. Bezerra, João F. Mello, Marcus M. Lessa, Richard L. Voegels, Otávio B. Piltcher, Eulalia Sakano, Fabiana C.P. Valera

  • Immunobiologicals are an interesting treatment option for patients with CRSwNP, refractory of conventional treatment.

  • This position paper brings the available drugs in Brazil, their indications, and recent recommendations of use.

  • This guideline will help the Otorhinolaryngologists to better evaluate if the patient would be a good candidate to this new treatment modality.

Open access
Available online 17 April 2021
First renal metastasis report from tongue cancer
Mustafa Korkmaz, Melek Karakurt Eryılmaz, Mustafa Karaağaç, Mehmet Artaç
Open access
Available online 15 April 2021
Etiology of early hearing loss in Brazilian children
Marina Faistauer, Alice Lang Silva, Têmis Maria Félix, Liliane Todeschini de Souza, Renata Bohn, Sady Selaimen da Costa, Letícia Petersen Schmidt Rosito
Open access
Available online 8 April 2021
Sheep as a large animal model for cochlear implantation
Thuy-Tran Trinh, C. Cohen, L. Boullaud, J.P. Cottier, David Bakhos
Open access
Available online 8 April 2021
Olfactory rehabilitation and olfactory bulb volume changes in patients after total laryngectomy: a prospective randomized study
Defne Gürbüz, Mustafa Caner Kesimli, Ahmet Mert Bilgili, Hacı Ömer Durmaz
Open access
Available online 31 March 2021
Emerging and distinct video head impulse test responses in elderly with vestibular symptoms
Muhammed Ayas, Ahmad AlAmadi

  • Video head impulse test in elderly individuals with dizziness.

  • Third and new variant of Vestibulo Ocular Reflex gain.

  • Higher Vestibulo Ocular Reflex gain in elderly patients.

  • Fluid dynamic changes in inner ear may alter Vestibulo ocular reflex gain.

Open access
Available online 27 March 2021
Children with developmental language disorder: a frequency following response in the noise study
Trandil H. Elmahallawi, Takwa A. Gabr, Mohamed E. Darwish, Fatma M. Seleem
Open access
Available online 24 March 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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