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Bacterial upper respiratory tract infections in Brazil: bacterial resistance, human resistance, scientific darkness
Otavio Bejzman Piltcher, José Faibes Lubianca Neto
Open access
Available online 5 March 2021
Children with developmental language disorder: a frequency following response in the noise study
Trandil H. Elmahallawi, Takwa A. Gabr, Mohamed E. Darwish, Fatma M. Seleem
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 3 March 2021
The effect of rapid maxillary expansion in children: a meta-analysis
Denise M.C. Santana, Vania S. Nogueira, Silvana A.M. Lima, Luciana P.A. Fernandes, Silke A.T. Weber
Open access
Available online 3 March 2021
Is it necessary to perform occupational audiometric testing at 6-months of employment?
Vagner Antonio Rodrigues da Silva, Alexandre Caixeta Guimarães, Alexandre Scalli Mathias Duarte, Joel Lavinsky, Arthur Menino Castilho, Carlos Takahiro Chone, Agricio Nubiato Crespo
Open access
Available online 2 March 2021
Rhinophototherapy, an alternative treatment of allergic rhinitis: Systematic review and meta-analysis
Tatyana Machado Ramos Costa, Fernanda Melo Carneiro, Karen Amanda Soares de Oliveira, Maria Fernanda Barbosa Souza, Melissa Ameloti Gomes Avelino, Isabela Jubé Wastowski
Open access
Available online 2 March 2021
Sclerosing odontogenic carcinoma — review of all published cases: is it a justifiable addition as a malignancy?
Daniel Lim, Chuey Chuan Tan, Wanninayake Mudiyanselage Tilakaratne, Yet Ching Goh
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 28 February 2021
Speech therapy in head and neck cancer
Vaneli Colombo Rossi, Juliana Lopes de Moraes, Camila Ferreira Molento
Open access
Available online 27 February 2021
A rare case of cervical hypoglossal nerve neurofibromas in a patient with type 1 neurofibromatosis
Sai-Guan Lum, Marina Mat Baki, Mohd Razif Mohamad Yunus
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 26 February 2021
Does the video head impulse test replace caloric testing in the assessment of patients with chronic dizziness? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Maria Gabriela Bonilha Vallim, Guilherme Paiva Gabriel, Raquel Mezzalira, Guita Stoler, Carlos Takahiro Chone
Open access
Available online 26 February 2021
Effect of applying head-shaking maneuver before Epley maneuver in BPPV
Suphi Bulğurcu, Eyup Baz, Selin Güleryüz, Evren Erkul, Engin Çekin
Open access
Available online 26 February 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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